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Who We Are

Established in 2017, TuxSoft comprises of a small, Lancashire-based team of developers offering over 40 years of experience in the tech industry. We're proud to offer bespoke software and web development solutions primarily for individuals and small businesses.

Our Portfolio

Here's a selection of some of our favourite projects that we've worked on over the last few years.

James' code here.

James Phillips - Website Design, Blogging System

His Website
BlogDraw logo here.

BlogDraw - Website Design, Blogging System, Ongoing Development Project

Visit BlogDraw
Scouts logo here.

23rd Lancaster (Christ Church) Scout Group - WordPress Theme Development, Branding Updates

Their Website

Our Team!

Here at TuxSoft, we pride ourselves on the quality of our staff; ever progressing, with a combined total of over 40 years working in the tech industry. We encourage all of our staff to work in the software and web development industries outside of TuxSoft. Here's some of their best work!

  • JamesPhillipsUK.com - A software and technology blog run by our IT Director.
  • QuickDoc - A multi-language code documentation engine.
  • IPStatistics - A PHP API to allow website admins to monitor their website analytics.